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Who we Are (2016-10-20)

Who we Are

Date: 2016-10-20
Author: COBASE
Place: Rome

COBASE Basic Technical Scientific Association is a research and planning organization which was constituted by a team of researchers and professionals.
Since 2003 COBASE, has been granted the special consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC), this means that COBASE has a special competence and is concerned specifically with some of the fields of activity covered by ECOSOC.COBASE is a Major Group with the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (CSD) and is fully accredited to participate in the works and projects of various UN programs and can join the work of several conventions relevant to promote sustainable development worldwide. COBASE is involved in activities of study and design according to the area of energy and sustainable management of resources.The aim of organization is to produce research and projects as far as the renewable use ofenergy, sustainable development and the fight against poverty are concerned. Due to the interdisciplinary – intersectional approach COBASE acts in the framework ofUN convention as scientific body, advocating the issue of scientific approach ofsustainable development, urbanization and complex systems. COBASE is a promoter ofthe project “Electrical Cities and Agroecological Parks” and a draft proposal convention for“Future Cities for CCTs and SDGs”.

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